Key Features


Gone are the days of logging into multiple portals and placing data into shared spreadsheets. With AltoRam you have all the information in with a single login.

Customizable Notifications

You can customize notifications to email you and display on the dashboard when a merchant account is reaching a limit. You decide on the parameters and time period to measure, and be alerted the moment a threshold is met.

In-Depth Chargeback Analytics

Breakdown your chargeback data to identify issues earlier and take action. Being proactive in identifying chargeback issues and solutions is key to keeping your merchant account healthy. Now you can see KPI’s in real time and make business decisions based on accurate data.


So many details are necessary for optimizing and winning the chargeback representment process that it becomes overwhelming. AltoRAM has been able to identify the key points and best practices that contribute to a successful strategy. By automating this process with technology, we’ve been able to remove the guesswork and optimize our system to provide the best results possible.

Ready to Fight Back against Chargebacks & Fraud?

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